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Established in 2003, we have more than fourteen years of experience and hard earned expertise accumulated, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Reach out today, and let us find the right, customized solutions to meet your plastic extrusion needs.

Looking for a trusted name in quality plastic sheet and board extrusion line production? Please consider a professional, high-quality manufacturer like Xiaoshan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Xiaoshan is a trusted name in the plastic extrusion machinery industry. Our machinery is widely used to produce folders, cap visors, poultry processing lines, ping pong/table tennis balls and a plethora of other products.

Our plastic sheet extrusion line is designed to extrude anti-slip PE, PP and PC sheets. It can produce hard sheets with a thickness between 0.25mm to 2mm using 100% HDPE or recycled LDPE raw materials.

The honeycomb composite panel extrusion line is mainly used for extruding ABS, PE and PP panels. The resulting plastic panels are primarily used as building panels that can be reused between 80 to 100 times, with a heavy loading capacity.

The parallel twin screw, single screw sheet extrusion line is designed for producing EVA Foam Sheet, PE, PP, and ABS sheets. This extrusion line has a full range of functions, a high automation level, excellent stability and a high production efficiency.

This highly effective 3 layer sheet co-extrusion line is newly developed and designed by Xiaoshan, and is a piece of three screw extrusion equipment. Applicable materials include HDPE and PP.

The polycaprolactone sheet extrusion line is used for manufacturing low temperature thermoplastic sheets that are primarily used for orthopedics and a low temperature splint for rehabilitation, radiotherapy positioning film and anti-sticking applications.

The foam sheet extrusion line is designed for extruding PE, PP, ABS, and EVA foam sheets. This extrusion line primarily uses PE to produce 3 layer co-extrusion sheets, which are hard sheets with top and bottom layers, and a middle layer made of a micro foam material that features a fine foaming density of 0.5-0.75g/cm3.

Boards produced on this two layer board extrusion line are primarily used as building frameworks, with the plastic board replacing traditionally used wood. The boards feature a strong bearing capacity, and can be reused up to 60 times.

The micro-foam sheet extrusion line is used to extrude sheets with different colors on the top and bottom layers with a middle, micro-foamed layer. These sheets are primarily used for making folders, stationary and other office supplies.

The single layer plastic sheet extrusion line uses modified ABS or PP as feed stock to produce solid and/or foamed sheets with a thickness of 0.5mm-2mm. The feedstock material can be new or recycled. The sheets are then used to make Ping-Pong (table tennis) balls.

The PE plastic sheet extrusion line makes use of new or recycled modified PE to produce solid of foamed sheets with a thickness of 0.8mm-3mm for making poultry manure belts.

The lab extruder machine is used to extrude sheets with materials such as PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET and PC for material formulation research and school test usage.

Xiaoshan is a plastic sheet and board extrusion line manufacturer, with a production workshop spanning 5,000 square meters, and a staff of more than 30 expert technicians and engineers. These facilities and our dedicated, knowledgeable staff allow us to continuously increase our manufacturing capabilities.

3-Layer Co-extrusion Line by Australian Customer

Resitech Industries Pty Ltd. is an Australian company with 25 years of experience in the production of waterproof boards. They bought one extrusion line in 2009, but that particular line could only produce damp proof course.

Plastic Visor Sheet Extrusion Line by Vietnam Customer

LAN PHUONG THANH PHAT a Vietnamese company that primarily manufactures cap visors. At the time, the company had 4 sets of cap visor production equipment, used for more than 10 years. This equipment was only able to produce arc shaped visors, and only at 1 ton per day.

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line by Bengal Customer

Sinsin nearly has a monopoly on cap visor production in Bangladesh, as they are the only company to produce cap visors in the country. However, their capacity only meets 60% that of the 3 Korean companies and 2 Chinese companies.

Medical Grade Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line by Guangzhou Customer

Guangzhou Klarity Medical & Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is a company dedicated to the production of medical grade plastic products. Their main product is a low temperature thermoplastic material used for tumor radiotherapy and orthopedic rehabilitation.

Car Interiors Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line by Chongqing Customer

Chongqing Bobang Auto Parts Company Limited, established in 2004, is a company dedicated to the production of various composite plastic sheets and sound insulation boards.

Xiaoshan provides pre-sale consultancy in various forms, including budget estimation as well as production proposals for both technical and commercial aspects.