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Flexible sheet extrusion line

    1. XSH-005 sheet extrusion lineOur plastic sheet extrusion line is designed to extrude anti-slip PE, PP and PC sheets. It can produce hard sheets with a thickness between 0.25mm to 2mm using 100% HDPE or recycled LDPE raw materials.
    1. XSH-004 sheet extrusion line The parallel twin screw, single screw sheet extrusion line is designed for producing EVA Foam Sheet, PE, PP, and ABS sheets. This extrusion line has a full range of functions, a high automation level, excellent stability and a high production efficiency.
    1. XSH-001 Polycaprolactone Sheet Extrusion LineThe polycaprolactone sheet extrusion line is used for manufacturing low temperature thermoplastic sheets that are primarily used for orthopedics and a low temperature splint for rehabilitation, radiotherapy positioning film and anti-sticking applications.
    1. XSH-0011 Modified ABS/PP Sheet Extrusion LineThe single layer plastic sheet extrusion line uses modified ABS or PP as feed stock to produce solid and/or foamed sheets with a thickness of 0.5mm-2mm.
    1. XSH-0012 PE Sheet Extrusion line The PE plastic sheet extrusion line makes use of new or recycled modified PE to produce solid of foamed sheets with a thickness of 0.8mm-3mm for making poultry manure belts.