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Plastic Visor Sheet Extrusion Line by Vietnam Customer

Sinsin operates 3 factories in Bangladesh: Sinsin Dhaka, Sinsin Poly and Sinsin Embossing.
In Southeast Asia, there are also several main cap producers, including 3 from South Korea (DADA DHAKA, DHAKAREA LTD, YOUNG AN HAT (BD) LTD) and 2 from China (UNIMAS and ACTOR SPORTING LTD.).
Sinsin nearly has a monopoly on cap visor production in Bangladesh, as they are the only company to produce cap visors in the country. However, their capacity only meets 60% that of the 3 Korean companies and 2 Chinese companies.

Xiaoshan's solution
The sheets produced by Sinsin's old equipment did not have a good surface, and the equipment was extremely costly to run without meeting the capacity requirements. In order to change this, and increase the production capacity, the customer ordered on set of ABC 3 layer co-extrusion fully automatic cap visor production lines, with a capacity of 250kg sheets/hour. Xiaoshan sent engineers to the site for installation and commissioning, ensuring the line was put smoothly into operation. Pleased with the equipment performance, the customer later ordered another 2 production lines from us.

Customer benefits
Xiaoshan's equipment saved the customer 20% more in power costs.
Xiaoshan's equipment can produce three layer co-extrusion micro foam sheets with a smooth surface, meeting all of the customer's requirements, and improving their production capacity to meet an increased production demand.