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Plastic Visor Sheet Extrusion Line by Vietnam Customer

LAN PHUONG THANH PHAT a Vietnamese company that primarily manufactures cap visors. At the time, the company had 4 sets of cap visor production equipment, used for more than 10 years. This equipment was only able to produce arc shaped visors, and only at 1 ton per day. Because of this, the equipment needed to operate each day to significant costs and power consumption.

Xiaoshan's solution
LAN PHUONG THANH PHAT learned of Xiaoshan in 2013. After research, contact and negotiations, the customer approved of our design capabilities, and respected our expertise in cap visor equipment manufacturing. Thus, with confidence they ordered from us. After talking to us, and describing their requirements, we were able to determine their primary needs were for high capacity production equipment for flat visors.
Based on the customer's requirements, Xiaoshan engineers quickly designed an extrusion line specifically for cap visor products. Products made on this extrusion line feature an even thickness and smooth surface, pleasing the customer.

Three months after the first extrusion line was put into operation, the Vietnamese customer returned to Xiaoshan to discuss changing their old extruders for more modern and efficient machines. Their 4 sets were upgraded to Xiaoshan's equipment, saving time, money and power consumption. These extrusion lines all produced sheets with a smoother surface end even thickness than the previous equipment, thus improving the reputation and increasing the orders for our customers.
One year later, the Vietnamese customer built a new factory, and this time, ordered one three layer co-extrusion cap visor production line, thus meeting their increased production requirements.