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Sheet Extrusion Lines, Sheet Extrusion Equipment & Plastic Extruders

Xiaoshan’s state of the art custom sheet extrusion lines feature a thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 15mm and 200mm to 5000mm thick. Our team has extensive experience in working with a variety of materials, ensuring we are able to produce extruded sheets made out of DPE, polyethylene (PE), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polypropylene (PP), ethylene vinyl Acetate (EVA), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Our sheet lines also produce sheets with different textures, including smooth, haircell, or levant. No matter your plastic extrusion need we can fulfill it. We always place an extremely high priority on client satisfaction and with that in mind, we design our products to be high quality, long lasting, user-friendly and easy to maintain.

    1. Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line Our plastic sheet extrusion line is designed to extrude anti-slip PE, PP and PC sheets. It can produce hard sheets with a thickness between 0.25mm to 2mm using 100% HDPE or recycled LDPE raw materials.
    1. PE Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line
    2. Flexible sheet extrusion lineThe PE plastic sheet extrusion line makes use of new or recycled modified PE to produce solid of foamed sheets with a thickness of 0.8mm-3mm for making poultry manure belts.
    1. Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
    2. Foam Sheet Extrusion LineXiaoshan uses a gear box with increased capacity. For example, for screws with a diameter of 120mm, the SJ280 gearbox works, but the SJ315 is an even better choice as it does not easily become damaged under a full load.
    1. Micro-Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
    2. Micro-Foam Sheet Extrusion LineThe micro-foam sheet extrusion line is used to extrude sheets with different colors on the top and bottom layers with a middle, micro-foamed layer. These sheets are primarily used for making folders, stationary and other office supplies.
    1. Honeycomb Composite Panel Extrusion Line
    2. Honeycomb Composite Panel Extrusion LineThe honeycomb composite panel extrusion line is mainly used for extruding ABS, PE and PP panels. The resulting plastic panels are primarily used as building panels that can be reused between 80 to 100 times, with a heavy loading capacity.
    1. Lab Extruder Machine
    2. Lab Extruder MachineEach roller is driven independently by servo motor, which helps to achieve precise control towards rotation speed. These rollers have all undergone chrome plating and mirror finish polishing, and their cores are made of 304 stainless steel.