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Lab Extruder Machine (PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS, EVA Sheet Extrusion)


Laboratory extruders are used for extruding sheets out of any plastic material you request for a variety of applications: Small batch production Product development Materials research and testing

Product parameters
Type Unit LPVU-26
Sheet thickness mm 0.5-5
Roller width mm 260
Roller rotation speed rpm 0-36
Highest temperature 200
Temperature control accuracy ±3
Heating method
Electric heating (Oil heating)
Traction speed m/min 0-3
Total power kW 25
Total weight kg 600
L×W×H mm 1200×550×1500

Xiaoshan provides customized lab extruder machine upon request. Please contact us for more detailed data.

Each roller is driven independently by servo motor, which helps to achieve precise control towards rotation speed. These rollers have all undergone chrome plating and mirror finish polishing, and their cores are made of 304 stainless steel. This design ensures a reliable quality and smooth surface of all sheets.
Customers can choose from electric or oil heating, depending upon process requirements.
Special mold temperature control units are available if there are special requirements for roller surface temperature and axial temperature distribution.
Roller gaps are manually adjustable, with a mechanical rule provided for reference.
Users can choose 3, 4 or 5 rollers upon request.
The high strength aluminum alloy machine frame is light and features a great appearance, as well as allows the machine to be used for a long period of time.

Screw design
The screw structure of the lab extruder machine is designed according to different plastic materials. In this design, plastic is heated until it's turned to a liquid, in a process known as a plasticizing method. Plastic materials undergo different plasticizing methods based on different designs and requirements, such as the venting for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), uniform and fine foam structure, more pores for foamed polypropylene and polyethylene. Different screw designs for different plastic materials help to reduce the reaction force of bearings. Because of that, the torque on the electronic motor is generally less, allowing for a better energy saving effect.

  • Screw design
  • Extrusion Die
    Die width: 300mm

Temperature control system
Our plastic sheet extrusion line also utilizes a unique copper pipe oil cooling system for screw cooling, which can precisely control the temperature in a range of ±1℃ in order to achieve an optimum plasticizing effect. Different from other systems that typically use a wind cooling process, Xiaoshan uses an oil cooling process. Wind cooling is not always effective, as the cooling process is not stable because it relies on seasonal wind temperatures, which in turn means product quality will vary. With oil cooling, however, the cooling process is stable, making this plastic extrusion line ideal for even medical grade PCL (Poly-caprolactone) low temperature thermoplastic sheet production with a temperature lower than 90℃. The oil cooling system requires only a pump requiring 0.37Kw-1.5Kws of power.

Gearbox configuration
Xiaoshan uses a gear box with increased capacity. For example, for screws with a diameter of 120mm, the SJ280 gearbox works, but the SJ315 is an even better choice as it does not easily become damaged under a full load. Thus, with a full load, the SJ315 can be used for longer periods of time with less maintenance requirements to the benefit of both the customer and the supplier.

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