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3-Layer Co-extrusion Line by Australian Customer

Resitech Industries Pty Ltd. is an Australian company with 25 years of experience in the production of waterproof boards. They bought one extrusion line in 2009, but that particular line could only produce damp proof course. Because the extrusion line needed to have the screw barrel replaced every year, as well as a high electricity consumption, it became more expensive to run.

Xiaoshan's solution
As they searched for a solution, Resitech Industries discovered Xiaoshan and after researching the company, decided to order a set of single layer plastic sheet extrusion lines from us in 2012. This extrusion line was designed specifically upon request to be a multifunctional line to produce 4 sheet types: Damp Proof Course, Root Barrier Sheet, Plastic Slip Sheet and Dimpled Plastic Sheet. This plastic extrusion line, with its low power consumption and large capacity, is capable of producing 150Kg of plastic sheets per hour.

The screw barrel on the extrusion line only needs to be replaced once every four years, instead of every year like the original line. With these improvements, the customer was extremely satisfied with Xiaoshan's equipment solution.

After the success of this first order, Resitech continued to come back to us for other extrusion line needs. They became interested in a newly developed micro-foam sheet and board production line (the ABC 3 layer co-extrusion micro foam extrusion line) to produce thin sheets (0.25mm-3mm) and thick boards (3mm-10mm). As there was no micro foam equipment in Australia at the time, Xiaoshan introduced the extrusion line as follows:

The foamed sheet uses technique of chemical foaming without non-crosslinking, with a density of roughly 0.45-0.75g/cm3 and thickness at 1mm-20mm. The foamed sheet has an excellent thermal stability and will retain its size, even under high temperatures. It features a nice, smooth surface, as well as an excellent impact resistance and degradability.

Finally, the customer ordered one set of ABC three layer co-extrusion micro foam sheet and board extrusion line in 2015 for producing thin sheet and thick board. It only need to change the die lip during operation. This plastic extrusion line is easy for operation and is power saving.